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The Medicine of Laughter

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"Back to Back with Laughter" and "Loosen, Up, Laugh & Live" - "The Medicine of Laughter" was inspired and are edited from these two presentations by Focus on the Family. This radio broadcast has been listed in their "top 100 Broadcast" for over 20 years! If you haven't heard the originals, then you are in for a real treat. We are making a "special Classic Swan" deal just for you!!!

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12 Days of The Swan

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"Laughter from The Rafters"
"Is Your Love Tank Full"
"Loosen Up Laugh and Live"
"He Called Me Champ"
"Baseball Buffets and a Barrel of Laughs"
"Planting Shade Trees"
"Absolutely, Positively, The Funniest DVD I've Ever Made"
"Livin'...& Livin' Well"
"Life on the Lighter Side"
"Back to Back with Laughter"
"Hug your Mama"
"8-Track Guy in an iPod World"

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Planting Shade Trees

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The best shade trees you'll ever plant are the ones you'll never sit under! None of us are self-made. We're all sitting under "shade trees" that our forefathers, families, and friends planted. Now, it's your turn to leave a meaningful legacy by planting your own shade trees for others to sit under. Note everyone can me a legend, but everyone can leave a legacy.

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The Man Code

Unlocking the Potential of Life's Most Important Relationships

We invite you to learn more about The ManCode. Read what others like David Jeremiah and Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty have to say about it. And be sure and watch the video.


Manly Man Special

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"He Called Me Champ"
"Baseball, Buffets, and a Barrel of Laughs"

The Zipper Package The Zipper Package

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The Famous Zipper Story can be found as originally told along with the new and improved version on these DVDs.

"Loosen Up Laugh and Live"
"8-Track Guy in an iPod World"

CLICK HERE to watch the Zipper Story!

Swan's Stimulus Package Swan's Stimulus Package: 4pk

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"Fair and Balanced the Laughter Starts Here"
"Bail Out with Laughter"
"Livin'... & Livin' Well"
"8-Track Guy in an iPod World"

Cure for Parent-itisSwan's Cure for Parent-itus:
2pk DVDwith Book

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"Hug Your Mother"
"He Called Me Champ"
"Dr. Swan's Prescriptions for Parent-itus"



Swan's Bail OutSwan's Bail Out: 2pk

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"Bail Out with Laughter"
"Fair and Balanced the Laughter
Starts Here"

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The Man Code