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Journey with the Stars - Celebrity Impressions Add to CartJourney with the Stars - Celebrity Impressions

For a donation of $10.00
Take a journey with The Swan as he brings to life some of our greatest stars of movie and TV. Dennis Swanberg will have you laughing and crying through his impersonations of Billy Graham, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Forest Gump, Ronald Reagan and more. Journey with the Stars is great to listen to in the car and a wonderful Christmas gift!

8-track Guy in an iPod World Add to Cart8-Track Guy in an iPod World

For a donation of $15.00
Swan’s an 8-Track Guy
The Old Voices are Still the Best
Mute Yourself!!!
I Never Got A Mug
The ‘Cows are in the Corn’
The Zipper Story - New and Improved!
The Great I AM

Livin'... & Livin' Well Add to CartLivin'... & Livin' Well

For a donation of $15.00
Swan, Lauree and the George Strait concert
Swan in the Seminary
Floyd and Pauline want Dennis to find a wife
Swan never kissed a Seminary woman!
The Swan's Honeymoon
French Kissing does it every time
Chad's "6 pack" and Dusty's ADD
They're looking for me!
Sleeping in your grandparent's bed
Your first women's conference
Where's Floyd Leon and Pauline Bernadeen?

Baseball, Buffets and a Barrel of Laughs Add to CartBaseball, Buffets and a Barrel of Laughs

For a donation of $15.00
Swan's Heroes
Swan Meets Billy Graham
The Home Run
Moses Joshua and You



Planting Shade Trees Add to CartPlanting Shade Trees

For a donation of $15.00
Family, Food & Fun
Memories of Grandma & Grandpa's House
TV with Grandpa
Deacon Floyd
Celebrity Shade Trees
Jeremiah Chapter 32 - The Shade Tree Planter
Swan's Family Shade Trees
What Does It Take To Plant A Shade Tree?
"I'm Drinkin' From the Saucer"
Shade Tree Planters: Billy Graham, Slim Pickens, Don Knotts and John Wayne.

Back to Back with Laughter Add to CartBack to Back with Laughter

For a donation of $15.00
Growing Up on Free Fun
Escalator Excitement
Imitations of Life
Hug Your Mother!
Here Come the Rats
Funeral Fans & Tongue Depressors
What Should We Do With Sin? (Nip It In The Bud)
Thompin' and Pinchin'
Till They Bubble

Loosen Up, Laugh and Live! Add to CartLoosen Up, Laugh and Live!

For a donation of $15.00
Struck by "The Call"
Grocery Store
The Art of Preaching
Church Surprise
Baptismal Drain
Easter Sunday Surprise
Remote Control
The Zipper Revenge
The Sweetheart Special

Laughter from the Rafters Add to CartLaughter from the Rafters

For a donation of $15.00
You Know You're Getting Older When...
Baseball, Dusty and ADD
Pauline Bernadeen & Floyd Leon
Bathrooms and Angels
Voices from the Past and Present
Kids...They Say The Darnd'est Things
Little Cindy and Her Praline
The Little Water Bug
The Counselor
Babies, Baptists and Binoculars
Easter Sunday's Laughter from the Rafters

Is Your Love Tank Full? Add to CartIs Your Love Tank Full?

For a donation of $15.00
Love Languages
The Language of Laughter
The Language of Gab
The Language of "the mall"
The Language of Timex
The Language of the Hug
The Language of Apron
The Language of Broom
The Language of Arts

Life on the Lighter SideAdd to CartLife on the Lighter Side

For a donation of $15.00
You Just Can't Beat Family
Celebrity Families
Family Outings
Swan's Health Tips
Home Cookin'
Ol' Fashion Remedies
Wearin' the Chompers
Thank the Lord for Kids
Swan's Kids
Family of Faith
The Phone Call
What's My Name?
The Campion Horse
The Simpler Things in Life
Your Family is Everything
Remarks by Dr. David Jeremiah

Christmas with The Swan Add to CartChristmas with The Swan

For a donation of $15.00
Mashed Taters
Soap on a Rope
My Soldier Called "Stoney"
Swan's Used Bicycle
Baptismal Bubbles
Limburger Cheese
A Cultured Woman
Jingle Bells...or Ring Those Bells
Harley's Christmas Story

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